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Sunday, April 24, 2016

I was duly impressed.

I almost forgot to post about our Spring musical.

The students, under the leadership of our amazing drama and music teachers, put on Hairspray.

They did an awesome job.

Only one of my current students and one or two former students had parts.

Normally, I probably wouldn't have attended. Which is a shame, I know.

But let's face it, we each have only so much to give and I generally run out of steam too early to stick around until 7 on a Thursday or Friday night.

Our students always do a "teacher feature" show a few days before opening right after school.

I almost always have a meeting or doctor's appointment on those days.

This year, I got lucky.
This year, the teacher feature was scheduled for 3:30 on our College and Careers Day (I wrote about it earlier in the week, so if you want details, look at the post titled "It was a pretty epic fail").

After spending hours in the sun, supervising a group of students I mostly didn't know, I was ready to relax and watch our students be truly awesome.

So I went to the teacher feature.

Now, understand, the teacher feature is really a dress rehearsal with a small, but very much live, audience.

There were glitches--the lighting wasn't right or a mic failed to turn on for a small solo etc.

Despite that, I was duly impressed.

The singing was strong, the choreography stayed consistent, the acting was sharp.

Unfortunately, the auditorium was also freezing cold and I was, let's face it, completely pooped.

The strongest number I saw was just before intermission.

If I were a proper theater nerd, I could tell you the name of that song.

I'm not, though. My nerdiness is mostly reserved for YA & sci fi/fantasy lit., bad TV, comic book related media, Kevin Smith, costume jewelry, and all things vintage modern.

Maybe one of my teacher-friends who was also in attendance will comment and tell you the song.

Anyway, at intermission, I realized it was almost five and I had errands to run before heading home.

Instead of staying to the end and getting cranky, I decided to bail while I was still just happy to see the performance.

There were only five or six of us in the audience, but I know it meant the world to the kids.

Almost half the cast has thanked me for coming. And I never had most of them in class.

It was a good reminder to me that as much as I should go to those performances for my own enjoyment, I should go because the #kidsdeserveit.

Going to student performances and events is always a good thing.

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