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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Seeing my stuff

Seeing my stuff spread all over some one else's room...

is weird.

It feels both wrong and gratifying.

Definitely, I am glad it is getting put to good use.

But what if I need it again?

What if I want it?

Oh boy.

I don't even get to go supply shopping this year!

The gratifying part, though, is pretty cool.

 I mean, there have been a lot of very heartfelt thank yous.

Those are nice.

Seeing teachers with what they need for a strong start.

That is priceless.

When I went there last week, everything was everywhere.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kinder PD

I am now working with k-12 teachers full-time.
So, this week, I facilitated the Kindergarten PD session.

My background is mostly secondary.

But my boss told me I had to get over it.

The best way to get comfortable with all the levels, is to work with all the levels.

She said that was how her boss treated her and it worked.

I created the session plan.

Actually, I created the session plan for K-5.

Still, I found the idea of leading PD for kindergarten teachers completely terrifying.

Not because I thought the teachers would be disrespectful or unreceptive.

No. I was scared because it was new.

Because I feel like my expertise is thinner with younger grades.

I needn't have worried.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Giving time.

New teacher time.

We had a whole day for curriculum.

Part of my job is to provide said curriculum.

Or at least access to it.

Most of that work had been handled by others before my tenure started.

Can you believe it's been three weeks since I started this adventure?

Sorry, distracted.

Different groups of teachers had different training as part of the day.

I got to spend most of the day with the new high school teachers.

It was fun.

There wasn't much I could do to help them, per se, but I enjoyed it.

The instructional coaches from the high school did most of the actual work.

I answered a few questions in the morning.

That was about it.

In the afternoon, we met at one of the buildings.

And there still wasn't much I could do.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Finding a way


I missed a post (again).

My new job is kicking my butt in the best kind of way.

I'm struggling with how to keep this thing going.

After all, I won't be a classroom teacher this year.

That doesn't mean there aren't good things.

It doesn't mean those things aren't school related.

It doesn't mean those things aren't important.

But they are different.

Really different.

The stories worth telling aren't as obvious to me.

Who cares about my formatting nightmares when I'm prepping curriculum?

Why would I write about answering emails?

Is my phone conversation with a crazy enthusiastic librarian worth writing about?

Can I legitimately write about how terrifying this adventure is?

How much story do I really need?

These are the things I am thinking about...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Taken out to dinner

How much fun was this?

After the great give away the other day, my girls took me out to dinner.

We went to a wine bar.

I had a flight of bubbly wine.

And a cocktail with tequila and elder-flower liqueur.

Thankfully, we dropped off my car at home so I wasn't driving.

We also ate a ton of yummy food.

Flatbreads and brussel sprouts, sliders and shrimp and grits.

But the best part was the conversation.

Hanging out together.

I have worked with these women for years.

Though we will remain close friends, I won't see them everyday anymore.

We will no longer work together.

It feels weird.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Training doesn't always suck.

PD has a bad reputation.

It is often just plain painful.

Hour after hour of having someone reading a PowerPoint to the audience.

Or forced group activities that feel terribly artificial.

As a PD person, I try to avoid creating such monstrosities.

As a member of a staff, I do not get such choices.

So when I was told we would be joining a principal retreat for a day, I wasn't too hopeful.

But I was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn't nearly as boring as I feared.

Actually, most of it was pretty fabulous.

Thought-provoking, interesting, generally good.

The morning was a session on trauma-informed practices.

There wasn't a ton of practical ideas, but the ideas were there.

The presenter was engaging.

It felt like everyone in the room ended with a similar mindset.

That, in and of itself, is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Great Give Away (so far)

Now that I am leaving the classroom (!!) for an office, things have to change.

I have got to rethink my hoarding habit.

And stop shopping...

Or at least shop for different stuff.

Plus, that storage unit.

And both cars.

And my front porch.

And that classroom I was going to inhabit.

There is a ton of stuff.

My desk in our team office is not big enough for all that.

Nor do I really need six, no seven, bookcases.

I need one.

It was on my front porch for a while, now its where I need it.

I'm also keeping my library cart.

Not only do I love that stupid thing, our office has use for it.

Most everything else, though, has got to go.

The vast majority of my classroom library, I donated to the school I was going to be part of.

Then I found another 6-10 boxes of books in my storage unit.

Oh my...

I left tons of school supplies at the school too.

But not everything had been moved yet.

Plus, my desk was completely empty.

Like had to borrow a pen and post it note empty.

So I had to go through my boxes and fish out some specific supplies.

I also had to locate the box with my desk paraphernalia in it.

The way I pack, my desk trays were simply stacked into a box somewhere.

My toys are staying with me too.

Toys are awesome, I love them, and I need them.

The extras can be used as give aways or PD stuff.

I mean, if kids love stickers and stress balls and patterned pencils, teachers will too, right?

I heart the toys.

The boxes of colored paper, card stock, lined paper, and construction paper had to be divided.

Of course, I'm keeping some.

And I wanted to donate some to the school I have basically abandoned.

Then I also promised some to my teaching besties.

The teaching materials/resources are a whole 'nother issue.

I can't bear to see them go to waste, but they aren't exactly useful to anyone else.

Anyway, after going through most of it and choosing what to keep, I still had to get rid of the rest.

So I decided to have a give away.

One of my best friends was kind enough to organize it for me.

Basically, we set a time.

Every teacher friend I have was invited to come to my storage unit.

First come, first serve, abscond with it all.

It was fun.

Sadly, not everything was taken.

A few things were claimed to be picked up later.

A lot is left still.

I guess I will have to do it again.

Next week, so I can avoid paying a third month on that storage unit.

Either way, I enjoy giving it all away.

Almost as much as I find it sad and terrifying.

It is a good thing, a clean slate, a chance to make sure all my hoarding doesn't go to waste.

Giving things to people who can use them, in a selfish kind of way, feels good.

I am enjoying the transition.

Giving things away makes it easier to grieve for the lack of students in my new life.

Because I do, I will, I can't help but feel loss along with the gain.