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Friday, April 8, 2016

Pencils, mountains of pencils

The other day I saw an email. It was an all school email begging for glue sticks. I didn't think anything of it, I just responded "en route." 

I am a supply hoarder. Not your average, buys some extras, usually has a few hoarder. I am a full on, bought 400 glue sticks because they were only a nickle at a back to school sale and only get one out at a time supply hoarder.

I love school supplies. Binders, folders, paper clips, glue sticks, colored pencils, markers, erasers of all shapes and sizes, and pencils, mountains of pencils. And, holy cow, do I adore finding a great deal on card-stock and colored paper!

Maybe because I just really love bargain shopping. Maybe because I like to be prepared. Maybe because I have mostly worked in schools where students were generally un or under prepared. Or maybe because I love being able to help people and supplies are a pretty easy painless way to do that. It might even be because of the tax break I get for donating all those supplies to my classroom.

Whatever the reason, its just my thing. Almost everyone knows I can be counted on to have and share most supplies.
So, when I saw that email, I had a student deliver about 20 glue sticks.

What made my day about this was the thank you I got. The teachers who borrow supplies are always grateful, often effusively so. Individual students are generally appreciative. 

This time, I got a totally precious thank you card signed by the entire class of students.

It was so sweet and unexpected that it really really made my day. Later in the day, I ran into the teacher and she also thanked me. 

I mentioned the card and she explained that the students were in the middle of a big project and the glue sticks just seemed to melt away. All teachers are infinitely familiar with this phenomenon.

She also mentioned that saying thank you was a skill her students were practicing. Until then, I hadn't really thought much about the students in her class. They are students with significant developmental delays and that made the card they gave me extra special.

It is always a good thing to help others out. It feels good and benefits everyone. It is even better when it also provides an opportunity for students to practice gratitude. What a great way to start the weekend!

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