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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flat Tire (Part 1)

The other day, I had a flat tire.

Now, there are a couple of things you should know about me.

I am a walking stereotype when it comes to my car.

I don't know how to do even the simplest things and I don't want to.

There is always someone who can help me...and I will happily pay for that help.

Thankfully, I have been very lucky. 

I have never popped a tire or had a break down while on the highway.

It probably helps that I take excellent care of my vehicles, but mostly it is just dumb luck.
Anyway, last Thursday I had a flat tire.

I wind up staying much later than I had intended.

When I got to my car, there was a napkin pinned under my windshield wiper.

At first I ignored it, but then I realized it was left there intentionally.

On it, in large block letters, was written "YOUR RIGHT FRONT TIRE IS FLAT."

I don't know who left me that note, but whoever it was, I really really appreciated it.

I had exited the building to the left of my car and would not have noticed until I started driving on a totally flat tire.

When I checked, I discovered that my tire was totally and completely flat, like the rim was resting on the ground flat.

I immediately went back inside for two reasons.

First, it was really outside.

Second, it was almost six and the building locks down at six.

I wandered over towards the activities office hoping someone would be around.

Luckily, there was an awards ceremony that evening, but no one was available to help.

Of course, I started trying to call someone to come and fix or change my tire.

Unfortunately, for reasons I can't explain, I was on old forever...well, like 45 minutes.

At this point, one of my colleagues came by...and offered to change my tire.

It was an incredibly kind offer.

I watched him, so in theory, I know how to change a tire myself...

He was so matter-of-fact and efficient.

I owe him a gift in return for his help.

It is always a good thing when we help each other out, even with, maybe especially with, outside-of-school concerns.

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