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Monday, May 2, 2016

He had TEN of my novels in his bag.

I love books.
My classroom is literally bursting with books. 

I have so many bookshelves, my room feels significantly smaller than the other classrooms on my floor.

My book obsession is well-known.

For years, I have been the book fair's very best customer.

The bookshelves of the local thrift stores are my favorite hunting grounds, but used book stores, yard sales, and chain book stores get their fair share of my funds.

I have t-shirts with "Book Lady" emblazoned across the back.

And, of course, as an English teacher, I want to share that love of books with students.

Some years, some days, some classes, I have more luck than others.

This time of year, I am always surprised at how many students want to read.

Of course, in several courses, this time of year, more free reading is assigned...but still.
Friday, a student came from another teacher and borrowed two books.

She brought them back today saying she read about ten pages of each, but decided to read a book her mother gave her instead.

This morning, right before lunch, one of my students came into the room before lunch and unloaded his book bag.

He had, I am not kidding, TEN of my novels in his bag.

He told me he had read them all now so he thought it would be good to return them.

Seriously?! How awesome is that?

Then, the best part of my day. My fifth hour, a rambunctious, irritating, intelligent, and often infuriating group of students, read the novel Speak in almost absolute silence for almost 40 minutes.

They all like the novel and when conversation did erupt, it was to battle about the book.

It seems silly, but it really really makes me happy to see kids read, understand what they read, talk about their reading, and maybe, just maybe, want to read more.

Reading is always a good thing. 

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