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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Then I took the final step.

You know that feeling you get when you start really planning the first few days of school?

That little tingle of excitement that means you might be ready?

I had that feeling today.

It wasn't like I got a ton accomplished.

I didn't.

But I finally jumped the last hurdles to prepping for the year in earnest.

I brought in the last of the supplies from my car.

Pencils at Kmart were $0.20 for 8 last week.

I bought a lot of pencils.

My room has been rearranged more or less to my satisfaction.

I put away the pencils and found appropriate storage for the abundance of supplies strewn about the room.

A couple of my colleagues were also working in their rooms, so I got to talk shop for a bit.

This afternoon I started messing around in our Drive.

You know, setting up folders and making sure I could find stuff from last year.

Then I took the final step.

I opened last year's syllabus.

That's all it took for the flood gates to open.

There are still 15-20 open files on my desktop.

I opened everything I might want for the first couple weeks of the school year.

At first I was just going to look.

Then I was just going to save as to this year's folder.

Instead, I dug in and actually started working on specifics.

It was fun.

There are still a lot of unknowns.

We are going 1:1...but we don't really know when every student will have a device.

I am doing NaNoWriMo...but that is all brand new and I am just starting to figure out where to start.

We haven't written our first assessment yet, though a plan now exists.

My students will use comp. books this year...which is also new for me.

Today, I was told that 78 freshmen have no schedule yet and my CT rosters caps have been raised...

Which means I also don't know how many desks I will wind up needing.

Being aware of all those things had been creating an artificial block in my head.

I'm over it and into it now.


Those moments of pending joy are worth noticing, cherishing even.

They are definitely a good thing.

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