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Sunday, September 11, 2016

100% funded!

My first Donor's Choose project is 100% funded!

7 donors contributed a total of $245.

My project asked for two more balance balls and six laptop desks.

I've talked about the balance balls I got this summer already.

I love them.

So do my students.

They are comfortable and fun and a little silly.

I asked for two more because someone is left out pretty much everyday.

The kids kind of fight over them.

Instead, I want them to feel accommodated, comfortable.

The laptop desks will be a new experiment.

It started with the idea of standing desks.
I just have soooo many students who need to move.

One day I even mentioned the idea to my students.

Immediately, three people went "Me! Me! I need that!"

After a lot of brainstorming and research, I settled on the laptop desks.

These little plastic trays have adjustable legs.

They are big enough to hold a Chromebook comfortably.

They are flexible enough to use as a standing desk for students of different heights.

We will set them on the existing desks to make that happen.

They are also usable when students sit on the floor.

No more propping Chromebooks on one knee or awkwardly typing with one elbow on the floor.

I am excited.

The kids are excited.

We are all incredibly grateful.

Most of the donors are friends and family.

I am appreciative of their undying support.

But about half came from anonymous sources.

I am so honored and flattered and grateful to those anonymous donors.

A part of me thinks our system sucks if we have to ask people for money to fund simple projects that support our students.

The rest of me is totally glad that Donor's Choose exists because its the system we have.

All of me just wants to shout THANK YOU from local rooftops.

And maybe brag a is kind of a big deal, right?

Either way, it is a very very good thing.

Another post will be forthcoming as we receive and start using our new goodies.

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