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Thursday, October 13, 2016

I think I'm chicken.

The laptop tables have arrived.

Along with a couple of bungee chairs I got on clearance.

And of course, I have talked about the balance balls repeatedly.

I still only have two...

but the other two have been ordered.

Then I decided to take another step.

I realized I had thirty student desks.

And thirty student chairs.

But my biggest class is only twenty-five right now.

I know how insanely lucky that makes me.

The problem was this:

30 chairs, two folding chairs, two extra office chairs, two balance balls, and four stools means I had 40 places to sit in my room.

What in God's name am I going to do with 40 seats?

So I got rid of 6 regular student chairs.

That still leaves me with 34 potential seats, but, you know, baby steps.

I also got rid of four desks...but added a small table.

I still have way too much furniture.

I think I'm chicken.

What if I get rid of too much of the traditional furniture to do traditional tasks?

I recognize my fear is irrational.

We would adjust, adapt, learn.

Actually, it is already happening, almost by accident.

At first, I hesitated to get out the folding chairs.

They are kind of low.

You can't really sit at a traditional desk.

You can't really see the board easily.

Then I did this amazing lesson I stole from a colleague.

Basically, students analyze Pixar shorts for characterization in small groups.

It was the perfect opportunity to bust out the new furniture.

Because students were working in groups, I was able to send a couple of groups into the hall.

Spread out like that, the extra furniture makes more sense.

Oddly though, since then, the kids have kind of just taken over the new stuff.

They ask permission, which is nice.

Then they arrange themselves to address all my concerns.

Its magical.

Oddly effective.


So, I guess I need to consider what to acquire and what to get rid of next...

That is a good problem to have.

Good problems are always a good thing.

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