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Sunday, November 27, 2016

I have nothing bad to say this day

It is Thanksgiving week.

And I have nothing to write about.

Or maybe I have too much to write about.

I was sitting at my desk wondering what to blog about.

I don't have any good stories.

Somehow, nothing that happened on this day quite adds up to a narrative discourse.

On the other hand, I have nothing bad to say either.

Wait, let me revisit that thought.

I have nothing bad to say about a whole day.

How often does that happen?

How often does that happen in November?

The week of Thanksgiving?

The week grades are due for progress reports?

This day was completely and totally pleasant.
Before school I got a sweet email from the principal inviting us to start a thankfulness chain.

Two students volunteered to brave the cold and helped me unload my car.

A former student stopped by to chat about college and check up on her little brother.

Everyone worked.

My "mini-lesson" ran long, but kids were remarkably attentive and patient.

We took notes on Point of View and talked about our choices for narrators in our novels.

There was one slightly grumpy kiddo fourth hour....

who did the work anyway.

Most kids earned stickers for meeting our daily word count challenge.

How epically awesome is that?

My students were kind and friendly and cooperative.

I got to write over 1,000 words during class.

I finally figured out how to move my own novel to the next plot point.

That has been bugging me for days!

So I don't have any single story to tell about this day.

Nothing dramatic or unusual or unexpected happened.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, bad happened either.

I am incredibly thankful for days like this.

I hope more days will be this way.

Good days, no matter how mundane, are an amazingly good thing.

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