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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cookies in the break room.

This time of year is tough.

I simultaneously can't wait for winter break...

And need another two weeks to get through all the first semester material.

Then through in a tragedy and a full moon.

It makes this last week before finals, a tough row to hoe.

But there is some compensation.

Cookies in the break room.

The two little girls who stay after school for help with their final projects.

A completed project turned in early...

by an autistic student who is my superstar, though he's failing everything else.

An email from a kid I didn't think really cared asking surprisingly insightful questions.

The completely priceless expressions and outbursts kids display as we near the end of the novel "Of Mice and Men."

That kid who just can't live without a study guide for the final exam...
No matter how many times you explain they don't need one.

Everything we do is studying for the final exam!

I gave in and gave her one and she looked so crestfallen.

"Is this all?"

I don't know what she expected, but it was hard not to laugh.

The member of the Speech and Debate team who needs to hear some hard truths:

High school should be hard.

Challenge is what leads to learning.

It takes effort to master things that are challenging.

In response, she says "You make a good point."

There are so many ways she could have fought her reality.

The sweet, lost lamb who is starting to find a home in the Creative Writing club and Speech and Debate team.

Those former students, who, feeling a little needy, start dropping by for hugs, or candy, or lotion, or just to say hi.

The pair of Senior boys who spent an hour after school hanging out and reminiscing about freshman year in my class.

There is something so touching about these tiny moments.

None of them are substantive. 

Not even enough to write a whole blog post about on their own.

It takes a lot of time and energy to really notice all those tiny moments,

but if I can put aside the crazy and the stress and the madness of the season,

and notice all those tiny moments,

they add up to a pretty darn good week.


  1. I completely enjoyed and relate to your "pretty darn good week." I'm a retired school teacher, and you brought back to me so many important, sweet moments that seemed to be part of the annual terrain of this magical and stressful time of year. Thank you for sharing yourself and your students: the sum and the parts are all beautiful.

    1. Thanks. My goal is for my blog to be my happy place and maybe for a few others too. Staying positive takes work and practice, and it's totally worth it.


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