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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Laziness is delightful.

I love laying around the house in my jammies.

There is nothing as much fun as binge watching Netflix and eating junk food.

Well, nothing except sleeping in with no alarms in the morning.

Naturally, I am a night person and sleeping until nine, or ten, or noon is my preferred normal.

I also love is having time for things.

Things like laundry, and dishes, and shopping, and naps.

Yesterday, the thing I had time for was a mani-pedi.

Usually, I'm pretty chatty, but yesterday I was zoned out.

I sat the massage chair as high as it would go and watched the subtitles to Tim Allen's old Christmas movie Santa Claus.
I don't actually get mani-pedis very often.

Partly because of the need to invest time in the pursuit.

Partly because of the expense.

Mostly because I am lazy.

Committing to a regular hair cut is hard enough.

But since I am heading to Key Largo for the winter vacation (Sooooo amazing, right?!)

And I still had paint on my toes from August.

While I may not care all that much about looking fancy, something had to be done.

I choose a pale pink on the theory it will show less when I wreck the polich.

The longest I've ever made it three days.

People tell me I should try gel polish. I can't take that off myself and I can't commit to regular salon visits.

This time I tried some other polish that is supposed to last a week.

It's worth a shot.

Sitting quietly and almost comatose for an hour with brain candy to watch is the kind of occasional good thing I don't do often enough.

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