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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"That's why I feel so weird today!"

It was ice-ageddon outside last Friday.

Or, at least, that was what the weather said.

School was called off before I even left Thursday.

Consequently, I spent Friday in my jammies.

Thursday was an interesting.

The storm was brewing, like literally.

Plus, it was the day before Friday the 13th.

Then Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. day, so we were already scheduled to have a three day weekend.

And Wednesday night was a full moon.

Any ONE of those things throws the energy off in a high school.

With all four, it's a wonder the whole place didn't melt down.

Oddly enough, though, it didn't.

The air felt tense, but it was eerily calm at the start of the day.

In my classes, I expected a little extra squirreliness.
There was very little.

Everything felt a little tight, everyone acted a little tense.

Each hour, I had the same conversation with each class.

I told them there were four different things going on that usually freak people out: the full moon, Friday the 13th, a long weekend, and an impending winter storm.

With all four converging, if you or the air feels a little funny, that is why and it is ok.

One hour, a couple of kids poo pooed the idea they are impacted by the full moon.

Most of the day, the kids kind of cocked their heads and looked at me funny.

Then they nodded.

My third hour, though, was the cutest.

We had the same conversation, but instead of laughing, or nodding, like three different kids looked up and said, "That's why I feel so weird today!"

How sweet is that?

Like they had noticed, but weren't sure what to think.

Like they were glad I had pointed out the reason they felt weird.

Like I had done them a favor.

I don't know that telling them what I thought about why there was such tension in the air mattered.

Probably not.

But I'd like to think knowing maybe helped a few pause and think before reacting...or overreacting...throughout the day.

Maybe it helped them.

Maybe it helped me manage the edge too.

I don't know.

It felt like a good thing.

It felt like it helped the day go more smoothly.

I'll take that, feeling having more power than reality at least half the time.

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