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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not just good, but grateful.

One afternoon, a former student stopped by my door.

I've written about him before.

He is currently a Senior.

Last year, he really struggled.

First semester, he still didn't do so hot.

But I've kept up with him.

When he needed help, or a reminder of his goals...

Or even a verbal kick in the pants,

I have made it my business to be there.

This semester has been better, I think.

Well, maybe, I haven't seen him much.

He definitely stops by more frequently when he's struggling.

Today was an exception.

He came by on his way to lunch and leaned down to hug me.

The kid is almost 7 feet tall, so he has to lean a looooong way.

As he hugged me, he said "Hi, school mom."

Then he straightened up, looked down and told me "Cause that's what you are, you're my school mom."

What a sweet thing to say.

What a sweet thing to mean.

I asked him how things were going.

He smiled and said, "For one, fine, I think."

He gave me a shy grin and lumbered off down the hall.

That made my day.

Sometimes moments like that make me feel gratified or flattered.

Sometimes I feel appreciated, important, like I make a difference.

Once in awhile, such comments make me wonder what I did to deserve such awesome students, such awesome people, in my life.

It can be hard to be positive.

This job can be a challenge on so many levels.

I love it when something makes me feel, not just good, but grateful.

Super good thing.

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