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Monday, April 17, 2017

An almost perfect day.

First day back from a long weekend in April.

I had expected it to be a little rough.

I mean, it's April.

Who is still good at school?

And we have a major project due.

And tomorrow we start literature circles.

And I spent the weekend out of town unexpectedly.

I wasn't sure I would be at work today until late last night.

That, by the by, is why I failed to post yesterday, sorry about that.

The point is, I had expected a lot of squirreliness.

I might even have been sort of maybe prepared for that.

What I wasn't prepared for?

An almost perfect day.

My students were focused, working, and kind.

They inquired about my weekend and I told them what was up.

Their responses were universally sweet and supportive.

Not that would expect any less, but it was still nice.

Even the most demanding forgave the mass of ungraded work left from last week.

I'll get it done.

I believe by now they trust that.

Granted, there were a lot of absences.

But I'd like to think it is more than that.

At least, it left me feeling hopeful.

Hopeful is a good thing.

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