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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


So this post isn't about me.

It is about my department chair.

This semester, she has hosted a student teacher.

It has gone well.

The student teacher is well-prepared.

She has the content knowledge and pedagogy.

Classroom management, not quite yet, but you know, #newteacherproblems

This post isn't about her either.

Her mentor teacher, my department chair, is the topic.

From talking to her, this is the first time she has hosted a student-teacher.

And, overall, she says it has been a positive experience.

I have enjoyed observing her.

Having hosted four student-teachers, I understand the pros and cons.

The hardest part is relinquishing control of our classrooms and our kids.

It was the thing my department chair was most nervous about in the beginning.

Mostly, I think she managed it successfully.

That doesn't mean it wasn't tough sometimes.

She has used the time better than I ever did.

She has used it to create our schedule and complete the budget and organize the book closet and and and...

Last week, she returned to the classroom.

I have worked with this woman for going on ten years.

This is, by far, the giddiest I have ever seen her.

I mean, beaming and energetic and jazzed every which way.

Seeing how excited she is to teach, how much she loves being with kids, is inspiring.

It's refreshing and endearing.

I love teaching.

Seeing other people love it is a very good thing.

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