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Thursday, April 27, 2017

I could still feel anger lapping at my mind.

This post is not about school.

It isn't about students or assignments or colleagues.

It is about going for a walk.

On Monday, I ended the day in a terrible mood.

I was angry and frustrated because...

well, because doesn't matter.

After school, I needed a break.

I also really needed to get some work done.

When I left school, I knew I needed to do something different.

On the drive home, I realized it was a gorgeous day.

I decided to go for a walk.

There is a park a few miles from my house that I love.

It has a 1.4-mile paved loop path around a little lake.

I went there.

The park wasn't crowded, but there were people around.

Empty parks make me nervous when I am by myself.

I watch too much tv, like CSI and Criminal Minds.

Though I rarely listen to music, I really wanted to drown out my own thoughts.

So, I put in earbuds and turned up some random pop music as loud as I could stand it.

Then I walked.

The day was gorgeous and sunny.

I walked around the lake twice.

There was a turtle sunning on a branch in the water near the shore.

I took a picture of it, it was so exceptional.

A white heron was perched in another spot.

Because I was in a bad mood, I made a conscious effort to smile at the people I passed.

The first lap, I could still feel anger lapping at my mind.

I concentrated on breathing and really looking around.

The second time around, I could feel myself start to relax.

About half way around I realized my pace had changed.

I wasn't charging along anymore.

I was stomping.

I had slowed way way down.

When I smiled at people, it didn't feel so forced.

My feet HURT by the end.

The shoes I had on were not made for that kind of aggressive walking.

But I didn't mind too much.

I felt so much calmer.

The seething irritation had receded and instead, I felt calm.

My need for a change was palpable.

I'm glad I recognized how twisted I was feeling.

Definitely, fixing my bad attitude mattered.

I should do that more often.

Enjoy being outside.

Put aside whatever is bugging me.

Take a real break.

So, I guess the point is that walk can be a very good thing indeed.

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