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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"We" did this.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week.


Mostly, it means too many donuts and random coffee mugs.

But occasionally, a little genuine appreciation sneaks in.

I'd love it if it happened more often and more obviously.

Instead, we have to go looking for those small interactions that indicate appreciation.

Sometimes a little something bigger comes along...
One of my colleagues posted this letter on Facebook today:

We don't get these letters often.

That is probably why they mean so much.

I don't know who wrote this.

I know it was someone in my school community.

Maybe I had this kid in class. Maybe not.

But we did this. "We" includes every teacher in our building, district, and profession.

Most kids feel this least a little.

That is important to remember.

It is important to believe.

It is a very good thing.

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