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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another conference

I went to a conference last Tuesday.

Ok, no.

I presented at a conference last Tuesday.

This particular conference does not require attendance to present.

Which is awesome, just so we're clear.

I mean, I love conferences.

I love to learn.

But sometimes, I just got nothing left.

The week after the school year ends is one of times.

The week after the school year ends when I just decided to change jobs...

I suspect I need not finish that sentence.

It was nice.

First of all, they paid me.

50$ isn't a ton of money, but it is a NICE gesture.

Second, I only had three people.

Maybe I should be disappointed by that.

I'm not.

Presenting on NaNoWriMo is only going to attract a select few.

Plus, small groups like that are easy.

Attentive, kind, willing to ask questions. Basically, a great audience.

I love it.

Did I do a great job? Weeellll, maybe.

I had fun.

I enjoyed myself.

I think those three people learned something.

It was good thing.

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