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Thursday, July 20, 2017


I got a new phone.

That is a little bitty thing.

But I always love it.

Almost as much as I hate it.

I love it because its, you know, new.

Its shiny and big and novel.

I hate it because I don't know how to use it yet.

All the settings I need hide in obscure locations.

Nothing is exactly like I'm used.

So it is frustrating.

But also kind of fun.

There is so much to discover and get used to and learn.

I probably spent over an hour finding a case to order on Amazon.

Which is patently ridiculous.

It should have taken me like 10 minutes max.

Then again, I do love to shop.

New stuff makes my day.

Especially because when I thought I was taking a big pay cut, we decided to keep our phones.

There was nothing really wrong with them.

Mine had a virus, but a hard reboot would have solved that.

Plus we liked those phones.

They were LGs from like two years ago.

Now we have the LG v20.

It has a huge memory and good camera.

Though mostly I just check Facebook and play silly games.

There is just something pleasant and liberating about new phones.

It is a modern thing.

I'm a tweener.

I forget what they call us.

We who had entirely analog childhoods and digital adulthoods.

Probably those before and after us have a slightly less special relationship with new tech.

Maybe not, maybe that's conceit.

Either way, I enjoy getting and getting to know a new phone.

It is a privilege.

Privileges are a good thing.

A nice little life perk to appreciate.

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