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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Friday after school

I know kids should do work on time.

They should use their time effectively.

Being prepared should be a reasonable expectation.

Then there is reality.

Teenagers rarely do these things consistently.

It can be annoying when they suddenly care about grades the day before report cards are due.

Actually, it can really really annoying.

I have to remind myself that the caring is ultimately more important than the timing.

At least for most kids.

Granted, the kid who puts forth absolutely no effort until the last moment will still fail.

But the kids who struggle with organization, time management, or just turning things in, get some consideration.

Two such students darkened my door the day grades closed for the quarter.

Both are in my first hour class.

One is a sweet, athletic, blond girl with great ideas and weak follow through.

The other is an odd duck young man with poor hygiene and an allergy to mornings.

The two are quite close.

Both play spring sports and lack strong social circles.

Both labor under the shadow of larger than life siblings.

Hers a sports and academic powerhouse.

His a poster child for bad behavior and academic failure.

Neither will admit to stronger than friendship feelings, though I suspect...

Anyway, they sit together in class, do homework together, and were trying to raise their grades together.

Her motivation to achieve is stronger.

She was working to complete a late project to raise her high D to a B.

His motivation is more basic.

He was working for a passing grade to remain sports eligible.

It was sweet to watch them coax each other towards a better grade.

I enjoyed their banter.

So yeah, it was Friday afternoon and I wanted to go home.

And yes, it was the last minute.

And, ok, maybe they shouldn't have been in such a precarious position to start with, grades wise.

I don't care.

The decision to try and do something about it was still a good thing.

It was still fun to watch them.

It definitely made all that last minute grading go down easier.

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