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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break...

I love teaching.

I love my students and my classroom and my job.

I need about 6 extra weeks to get everything accomplished this school year.

But, I also love spring break.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say, I need spring break.

This time of year, we all get antsy.

It is essential to take a break from the kids.

It is the only way to avoid insanity.

More, though, I need vitamin D.

Even on a year like this, filled with unseasonably warm and sunny days, I miss sunlight.

In the summer, I spend a lot of time running around outside.

Ok, not running, per se, but wandering maybe.

During the school year, I tend to miss daylight.

I go to work in the dark the first and last months of the year.

During Daylight savings, it is light out when I go to work.

Unfortunately, that 30 second journey to and from the car just doesn't cut it.

In the middle months, even when I leave early (early for me, anyway), it is dark when I head out.

The first and last months, I sometimes see the sun of an evening.

It isn't enough.

Vacations are a time for sunshine.

And I'm lucky enough to roam South for sun in winter months.

So I have decided to appreciate spring break.

It is a good thing.

The rest of the year will be so much better if I just stop working for a few days.

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