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Thursday, June 22, 2017


On my last day, I saw a few people.

The good-byes were so kind.

I posted my departure on Facebook earlier.

There has been so much positive energy coming my way.

This is part of why I am sad to leave.

I have worked with the most amazing group of people.

The administrative assistants were pretty much the only ones around by then.

There were a few summer school teachers around.

And the custodial staff was working on the floors.

I got the most loving comments from them.

Many are surprised I'm really leaving.

After 11 years, I kind of understand, but I've never claimed to be a lifer.

Everyone wished me well.
Several pitched in to help me move:

I was allowed to keep my keys for two extra weeks.

Two people brought trucks.

One brought her father and a truck.

My check out form was signed when it was (FINALLY) ready.

Overall it was best last day I could have hoped for.

I didn't even cry once.

Partly because I already moved everything out of the room I've had for 9 years.

Partly because it doesn't quite feel real yet.

Partly because I am excited about what comes next.

It definitely helps to know the people I will miss, might miss me.

It helps my colleagues and friends believe in me.

It helps that I will still live just 20 minutes away.

Though often sad, good-byes can be a good thing.

And this isn't a forever good-bye.

My friends will stay my friends even if I don't see them every day.

That too is a good thing.

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