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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One last letter

I got one last senior letter last week.

It was a super sweet little note.

It came from one of the young men I've written about before.

Very few kids write me before graduation.

I am too far removed.

For most, we have had minimal contact over the last three years.

I get it.

I think it makes the notes I get even more special.

Honestly, I am just thrilled this kid graduated.

For a minute, I really didn't think he would.

Thankfully, I was wrong and he made it.

He says I had a little something to do with that.

His Senior English teachers have said that too.

In his note, he thanked me for encouraging me.

Then he thanked me for being his "school mom."

That is sooooooooooo sweet.

At graduation, his seat happened to be near mine.

He let me take a picture of him.

After the recessional, he came and gave me another big hug.

At almost 6'5" he usually lifts me straight off my feet.

Another teacher took a picture of us together at his request on his phone.

It might sound pretty trivial, but kids aren't usually the ones who want pictures like that.

Not of their teachers anyway.

As we said goodbye I told him to go do good things.

He said yes ma'am.

He started to walk away, then he paused and turned back.

More soberly, he said, "I will, I promise."

That is a good thing.

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