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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


My new classroom.

A totally blank canvas.

A complete do-over.

How exciting is that?

The bad news: it is empty.

When I say empty, I mean empty.

There is a desk with one drawer that doesn't seem to lock.

Some standard student desks and chairs.

And that is it.

There is no closet, no bookshelves, no filing cabinet.

No storage of any kind.

In my last space, I had a ton of storage:

a small closet, a big (lockable) desk, a big metal storage cabinet, two lateral filing cabinets, two built in floor to ceiling shelves, a rolling filing drawer, a library cart, and five book cases.

I retained my rolling file drawer, library cart, and three shelves.

This is kind of a bummer.

Except for one thing:


I get to find, buy, fix, improve, and set up a ton of furniture.

My principal gave me permission to go full on flexible seating.

Last week, I found an old book return box at the Goodwill.

It locks, is in good shape, and isn't even really ugly.

And is $15.


Sunday, on the way home from Chicago, I bought a small bookcase and a filing cabinet.

Monday, I picked up three more bookshelves for less than fifty bucks.

I made my first trip to the dollar store too.

Though I am not permitted to paint (poo), decoration is still in order.

Instead of painting, I will paper.

Sort of.

I will use contact paper and wall decals and removable sticky book covers.

Some curtains will create a fake window...

which will cover a hanging shoe rack of school supplies secured with command hooks.

There are tons of options.

Plus, though my room may be empty and have no windows, there are upsides.

It is pretty big.

It is across the hall from a two floor wall of windows.

And my class sizes are likely to be under 20.


Anyway, I love to shop.

I enjoy the adventure of finding and using old stuff.

I can't wait to start hunting up chairs, and couches, and tables for my students.

Setting up a great space is a good time.

It is also a good thing.

P.S. I know I'm off schedule, but I promise there are very very good reasons for it I shall soon reveal!

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