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Thursday, July 13, 2017

What just happened to me?

Big news ya'll, big news.

The biggest.

Ok, not the biggest, I'm not pregnant, dying, or getting married.

Neither is anyone I know.

But, for me, this is big.

If you follow my blog, you know I am interested in instructional coaching.

You know I have applied for a gazillion jobs.

You probably remember my interview overload.

Maybe you could empathize with my internal struggle to take a teaching job.

Well, I did take that job.

And a week later, I got an interview for one of the jobs.

Actually, I got, you might recall, several interview offers that day and week.

Out of respect, I turned them all down.

Then I got a call from the same district.

I told them they had just hired me as a teacher.

The secretary called me back and said it didn't matter.


Ok, so I completed the rather challenging pre-assignments.

I made my presentation and prepped for the interview.

Three, almost four weeks ago, I went in for the interview.

It went really well.

Not perfect, but damn good.

I thought I had a decent shot.


The next week I went on vacation assuming it was a no-go.

I was disappointed and a little resigned, but hardly devastated.

After all, I just got the mother of all teaching opportunities, right?

We were gone for 16 days.

Still no word.

Last week, I started emptying my storage unit into my new classroom.

Tuesday, as you might have read already, I picked up yet more furniture.

A good friend of mine helped me.

We had quite the adventure, come to think of it.  I should write about it.

Anyway, I got home feeling satisfied and sweaty.

The phone rang.

Finally, I am getting to the point. If your cranky, I promise this is worth the wait.

I answered without giving it much thought.

It was the school district.

A member of the HR department informed me it was my lucky day.

They offered me the position.

Now, understand, this conversation took place at 5:05.

I was flummoxed.

Totally caught off guard, floored, and thoroughly befuddled.

She explained the position and the salary and asked if I wanted it.

The offer was great.

And she needed an answer right then...

so the recommendation to hire me could go before the Board meeting that started at 5:30.


Seriously, I was too confused, too flabbergasted to just say yes.

I stammered and stuttered and then she asked if I needed time to think about it.

I said something like "a day or two would be nice!"

"Well," she responded, "the next board meeting is the 25th and then you would start on the 26th."

"And otherwise I would start sooner?"

"Probably this Wednesday."

My jaw was hanging so far open I can hardly type over the shock now.

Thankfully, my two remaining brain cells rubbed together and reminded me that new teacher orientation starts the 26th.

I could not wait.

It would be ridiculous to make them wait to replace me in either position.

I would not want to start on the same day as people I am supposed to support.

So I took a deep breath and gulped, "I need to just say yes. I'm saying yes!"

"Great! Well don't tell anyone until you hear from me that it's official, ok?"

"Um, yeah, uh, ok. You can call or text me or whatever."

She laughed a little and promised to get back to me soon.

Then I fought a panic attack and played idiotic, mindless games on my computer for a few hours.

This is how I know I must have sounded like a blathering idjit.

The assistant superintendent called me after the meeting.

He explained that the delay in making the decision was circumstantial.

Next he told me my salary would actually be higher than the initial quote.

I am getting a bit extra for having a doctorate.

I smiled so hard my face hurt.

Whoo. Freaking. Hoo!

After hanging up, I pretty much called all the people.

Everyone I know and love and have been supported by.

I ended my summer a month early.

Because I am now, officially, the ELA Curriculum Coordinator for Hazelwood School District.

That is very good (and very terrifying) thing!

I know I will do the job and do it well, but it is going to be a huge change, and an even bigger challenge.

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