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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kinder PD

I am now working with k-12 teachers full-time.
So, this week, I facilitated the Kindergarten PD session.

My background is mostly secondary.

But my boss told me I had to get over it.

The best way to get comfortable with all the levels, is to work with all the levels.

She said that was how her boss treated her and it worked.

I created the session plan.

Actually, I created the session plan for K-5.

Still, I found the idea of leading PD for kindergarten teachers completely terrifying.

Not because I thought the teachers would be disrespectful or unreceptive.

No. I was scared because it was new.

Because I feel like my expertise is thinner with younger grades.

I needn't have worried.
First, I got a teacher volunteer to partner with me.

She is an elementary reading specialist and just the kindest, most pleasant personality.

And, as it turns out, I kinda of do know what I am talking about.

We conducted 3 sessions with 3 groups of teachers.

All three went well.

I enjoyed the time with the teachers.

The teachers seemed to enjoy what we did.

It appeared to make them think.

Definitely, they appreciated the time to work on planning.

I made some connections.

Everyone took note of who I am (which is both gratifying and scary).

It was nice to explain the new assessment schedule...

Because kinder has fewer tests this year.

And you know that's a hit.

It was surprisingly fun and laid back and productive and playful.

As an introduction to district PD, it was a good thing.

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