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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doing me a favor...

There was district PD last Friday.

And the day had a lot of moving parts.

Like a lot a lot.

It was only elementary schools...

Only 20 schools.

The teachers were split in two for math PD.

Half in the morning, half in the afternoon.

Grades 3-5, they went to technology for the other half of the day.

K-2 were divided by grade level.

Their other half of the day was split again.

Half Novel Engineering and half ELA PD.

Except new teachers, librarians, reading specialists, elective teachers, instructional specialists, and building aides.

They all had other stuff going on at least part of the day.

Anyway, that meant, I had to staff four sessions for each grade level k-2, plus 6 sessions for new teachers.

As I am brand new and know no one, this has been a challenge.

Don't get me wrong, the teachers have been great.

And my boss and colleagues have given me lots of names.

The issue is that I was begging favors of strangers.

I really don't like that.

It makes me super uncomfortable.

But here's the thing:

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Teacher volunteers have been incredibly understanding.

The schedule shifted numerous times.

I blame math PD.

They still really seemed excited about the session I designed.

K-2 teachers rarely get to calibrate their grading of written work.

I think it is important.

It allows for the examination of assumptions  about proficiency.

My volunteers were also appreciative of the materials I prepared.

No one seemed too nervous or concerned.

Today, I was told this was the first time this person had been given a presentation.

She said she felt totally comfortable.

Both the people I met with Thursday loved how concise my Slides were.

I got to answer some powerful questions about how to respond to contentiousness.

And I was profusely thanked for meeting with the teachers at their buildings.

Like, what else would I do?

But, ok, thanks!

I can totally see how such details could get lost in a big district.

On the other hand, its too important to me to neglect.

I will definitely get them a small gift.

Maybe a Starbucks card for a few bucks or a stress ball.

Maybe a soda or chocolate.

I don't know yet.

I might make a quick survey.

They will all receive certificates to use as artifacts of district leadership on their evaluations.

One person asked me three different times if she was really recommended.

It clearly tickled her pink that I got her name from someone.

That certificate might be a formality to some, but some will clearly love it.

I am just so impressed with the positive attitude and willingness I have encountered.

It has been a really good thing.

I have gotten to build some relationships.

I have felt, you know, reasonably competent doing it.

They did me a favor and I really appreciate it.

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